As the coffee industry grows, the brewing method increases too. Here we are going to introduce a few interesting hand brew methods which anyone can do it at anywhere!

V60 (Drip Brew)

V60 is one of specialty coffee’s favorite brewing methods. With light/medium roast beans, it will give us a clear brew, with sweeter and heavier body. We recommend using fine or medium grind size for V60.

Delter Coffee Press

Delter Coffee Press is the ideal travel companion for coffee brewing. It gives us coffee with better mouthfeel if compared with V60. It is suitable for all roast level with fine grind size. The best feature of Delter is it is very simple to clean after use!


Siphon is also called the vacuum pot. This method is slightly complicated as it requires some scientific knowledge in order to understand the flow of the whole process. However, it is definitely an amazing and flashy way to make great coffee, besides producing the best favor coffee that cannot be imitated by a drip brewer. It will give extremely clean and bright cup of coffee, with robust coffee aroma. The greatest part is, your coffee will never be over extracted through this method! It is suggested to use medium or fine grind size for siphon brewer, and you may explore with any coffee roast level.

All the brewing methods above are highly recommended by our most talented head barista, who wishes everyone will be able to enjoy the fun and find joy in coffee brewing.

Head Barista Cecillia

Cecillia Lau

Cecillia has been a barista since 2017 and she had participated in a variety of competitions throughout these years such as the Malaysia Open Barista Championship (MOBC) in 2018, and a local brewing knockout tournament in 2017. Her passion for coffee made it clear to her that she will never stop learning and exploring more about the chemistry and physics behind the perfect cup of hand brew coffee.