The Brief History of Coffee

Do you know? An estimated 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day, making it the world’s third largest beverage! 

The first wave of coffee started during World War II, when instant coffee became popular as it’s affordable, convenient and “ready for the pot”.  Hence, the militaries used instant coffee to enhance the performance and efficiency of their soldiers.

The second wave came with an increase in the quality of coffee. Espresso was introduced as the base, while milk and other flavors were added in to create a variety of coffee drinks.

Then came the third wave, where specialty coffee became the rock star and consumers began to choose coffee based on its origin, flavors etc. That’s what we, Da Di Coffee is pursuing as we strive to provide you the most refined coffee experience.

The Journey of Coffee: From the Seed to your Cup

Have you ever wondered how did the beans turn into a perfect cup of coffee that you’re holding in your hand? That’s a pretty long journey!

Everything starts with the tiny seeds. Coffee beans are actually the seeds in coffee cherries (yes, they are fruits!). There are 3 main species of coffee beans: Arabica, Robusta and Liberica. They are then further divided into multiple varieties based on the growth condition of the coffee plants.

After being harvested, the coffee cherries will be processed to extract the seeds. The common methods are: Washed, Natural Dry and Honey. 

The method used will affect the bean’s flavor, and this flavor will stick around until the final brew

Then, here come the parts where we, Da Di Coffee Roastery, are in charge of: Roasting and Brewing.

Roasting is basically transforming the green beans into fragrant, dark brown beans.

Brewing is how we make the coffee beans into drinks.

The quality of coffee determinants is 60% through the cultivation and harvest process, 30% through the roasting process, and 10% is determined by the barista’s hands. Therefore, roasting and brewing process will definitely impact on your coffee taste when it ends up in your cup!

Here at Da Di Coffee Roastery, we focus on…..

Making coffee taste better.

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